The Workforce Development Board of Madera County is focused on the economic health of our residents, businesses, and communities. Our investments in skills development and job training are flexible and responsive to the needs of business and industry, while elevating the success of our workforce and driving our region’s ability to compete in California and beyond.

Workforce Development Board of Madera County Bylaws

Workforce Development Board Conflict of Interest Code

Our Vision
Establish innovative collaborations that inspire success.
Support an environment conducive to economic development.
Provide opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth.
Build a vibrant economy through increased employment opportunities.

Our Goals

  • Ensure an effective demand driven system based on business intelligence to prioritize workforce investments.
  • Establish the Workforce Development Board (WDB) of Madera County as the leader and convener of stakeholders for workforce strategies.
  • Achieve and maintain America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC) Certification.
  • Transform the system of service delivery for young adults to optimize connections to the AJCC.

Job Seekers Services

Visit the Workforce Assistance Center for information on job seeker services.

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