Rapid Response Services for Layoffs or Closure
If you are reducing the size of your workforce or anticipating a business closure, Rapid Response services can help you meet your business needs while recognizing the needs of your employees.  The Madera County Workforce Assistance Center Rapid Response Team will be responsive to your concerns such as confidentiality, maintaining productivity and transitioning your employees to new jobs or training.

Our Rapid Response Team can present options and provide assistance to employers who wish to develop lay-off aversion strategies, business retention, recruitment services or link to local economic development activities.

Even in a robust economy employers may need to engage in layoffs, downsizing and restructuring in order to adjust to changing technology and industry fluctuations.  Your local Workforce Assistance Center can provide assistance to both you and your employees to manage changes and lessen the impact.  Call us at (559) 662-4500 to speak to a member of the Rapid Response Team or to schedule an on-site visit.