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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology has been designed to maintain or improve the ability to function in all aspects of life and daily activities. Assistive technology helps promote greater independence for individuals with disabilities. It also enables individuals to perform tasks that were formerly unable to accomplish or had great difficulty accomplishing. Below is a list of assistive technology available at our facilities:


¨ Adjustable Workstations

¨ TTY Phone

¨ Video Phone

¨ Large Screen Monitors

¨ Andrea NC-Series Headset

¨ Roller II Joystick

¨ Neo II Laptop Communications (Text to Speech Keyboard)

¨ Braille Sense Plus

¨ Victor Reader Stream ( Audio Book Player)

¨ Braille Labels

¨ Window Eyes

¨ Dragon Naturally Speaking

¨ Kurzweil 1000 & 3000

¨ Zoom Text

¨ Duxbury Braille Translator